Practicing self praise through reflection

In the past I’d spent a lot of time thinking & reflecting back or forward on many many different things. Doing the @myvinyasapractice YTT from the start it recommended daily journaling around your physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual bodies. Checking in on how each body felt & defining how through the day you would help to support. Then at the end of the day giving yourself self praise.

The morning check in felt quite straightforward to do.. with many common themes emerging from the Monday morning sluggishness to the weekend bounce.

What surprised me was how hard it is to give yourself self praise. At the start the best I could summon was ‘did good today’.. & trying to expand from that felt hard. Then sort of cheated by going back to the things I’d written to support each of the bodies in the morn & saying (mostly) ‘Did this, well done!’

This eve as reflect back decided to go one step further. Self praise from this wet & cold mid summers eve in South Wales is:

‘Glance back & see the path travelled. Even with the multiple range of hurdles the environment & human experience has presented, still in this physical body & ploughing through. Great job!’

Goodnight one & all – Monday embraced – enroute to upward roll of the week 🙏.