Yoga teaching – one year(ish) on

The last 12 months have not solely been about teaching yoga, but it has played a big part in my experience. With significant life changes all round, I’ll be closing this year in a very different space to where I started – for the better! Yoga teaching so far for me has brought a mixContinue reading “Yoga teaching – one year(ish) on”

Ashtanga Modified Primary Series YTT Complete

I have been fortunate to be part of this group of ten incredibly strong women who spent 2020 studying with Jamie Yoga Trainings on his 200hr Ashtanga Modified Primary Series (MPS) Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Jamie was taught by Larry Schultz, the founder of the Ashtanga Modified Primary Series & a former student of K.Continue reading “Ashtanga Modified Primary Series YTT Complete”

My Vinyasa Practice (MVP): 300hrs Final Practicum YTT

Background Since qualifying with the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) through My Vinyasa Practice in July 2020, with the impact of Covid-19 here in the UK, I have adopted virtual live stream yoga classes in support of the karma hours for the 300hr YTT. I started by building this website with a linked YouTube channel (CrystalContinue reading “My Vinyasa Practice (MVP): 300hrs Final Practicum YTT”

Settling into teach yoga virtually: Adapting

I am so grateful to those who have joined me online over the last few weeks for late evening yoga. It has been so rewarding to be able to guide yin & vinyasa flows & to hear of some of the benefits it has had. I have learnt so much about the practical side too,Continue reading “Settling into teach yoga virtually: Adapting”

Teaching yoga virtually: reflections from first week

Over the last couple of weeks, started to begin to teach yoga using zoom. Covering some classes at Diana Brook’s studio has been amazing & have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to teach strength & grace/ balance & stillness yoga. The first class was Sat, 1st August & I had several days to prepare. I choseContinue reading “Teaching yoga virtually: reflections from first week”

Beginning to teach yoga: where to start?

I have taught many different things through my past life experience, from practical & theoretical science to understanding conscious, conformational & unconscious bias. However, coming to teach or guide through a yoga practice is a whole different ball game no matter your prior teaching experience. Trying to teach yoga in a way that is authenticContinue reading “Beginning to teach yoga: where to start?”