Teaching yoga virtually: reflections from first week

Over the last couple of weeks, started to begin to teach yoga using zoom. Covering some classes at Diana Brook’s studio has been amazing & have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to teach strength & grace/ balance & stillness yoga.

The first class was Sat, 1st August & I had several days to prepare. I chose the sequence, practiced it on my own & with a friend online before doing the class. I had everything set up at least half an hour before. Internet tested, laptop/microphone fully charged & animals separated to various parts of house to avoid there usual ‘joining in’..

Really enjoyed teaching the first class so much & managed to recall most of planned sequence & felt so exhilarated to have got all the way to the end. Those who took part, seemed to really enjoy with some lovely feedback!

The following Wednesday a second cover class came up & being on annual leave, jumped at the chance & started planning. I practiced the sequence beforehand, yet felt more nervous the second time & forgot a couple of the planned balances whilst in the flow of the moment.

I also wasn’t quite as organised & whilst computer/mic were charged, had forgot about the animals & had a Holly cat joining in for most of the practice! Teaching online with a cat clawing your body is slightly challenging & I learnt this lesson the hard way..

Still enjoyed every moment & plans started to whirl on how to teach virtually more regularly.. which led to the yoga classes page & potential plans to deliver sessions around current home/work balance.

When you are just starting out & trying to reach people who would like to follow evening yoga classes at 8:30pm (GMT+1), I realised that this would be quite a challenge & may not appeal to many people’s lifestyles!

Decided to give it a go anyway, if you don’t try then you’ll never know & offering some karma yoga to see what may emerge. Very much enjoyed connecting with one of my oldest friends who zoomed in to yin & restorative yoga from her balcony whilst on holiday & realised it is possible.. if I can get my head around promoting/marketing a little more.

Also recognised this might not be the only way & trying to decide how to take forward the business side of yoga is quite challenging & keeping options open & versatile, current approach.

The following Sat morn, I woke up to a message asking if I could cover the 9am strength class – an absolutely yes! Jumped out of bed to get ready with about an hour or so to prepare. Checked all kit charged.. animals away from the mat.. setup with 15mins to go.. knocked over full cup of tea. Cleaned up & back to the mat, all set to go!

The practice passed in a blur. I got a little carried away with some of the stronger ashtanga asanas, with so many vinyasas & chatarangas that I was trying hard not to pant.. realised I had to slow down & brought in a malasana.. yogi squat to balance & connect back to the breath! Something I had been saying throughout the practice & really needed to do.

The last minute class was my greatest lesson. Don’t over complicate things. When starting out with teaching yoga, be kind to yourself too. It’s really easy to get lost in the practice when teaching & can attempt to bring in more adventurous poses, but maybe slow it down a little. Pace yourself & breathe!

This week, I’m trying to learn & slow down the pace. Connecting back to breath & observing whatever arises, without attachment. Happy Monday all. With love & light x


Published by Crystalcoreyoga

I am a mother, sister, daughter & yogi who began a journey into teaching yoga later in life. Formerly a scientist & educator & hoping to encourage a practice of mindfulness to share with others.

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