Beginning to teach yoga: where to start?

I have taught many different things through my past life experience, from practical & theoretical science to understanding conscious, conformational & unconscious bias. However, coming to teach or guide through a yoga practice is a whole different ball game no matter your prior teaching experience.

Trying to teach yoga in a way that is authentic & supportive to the student, providing a safe space, cues that help alignment, with an inclusive language & modifications that make the practice accessible to a range of students is a whole lot to think about when you first begin.

On top of that is the slightly more fundamental challenge of speaking/cueing whilst both demonstrating poses & observing the students & providing appropriate adjustments as needed.

If I think about it too much, it can feel overwhelming & often have to come back to the yogic philosophy to ensure quieten the chitti vritti & focus on breath.

Aside from the practical side of getting into teaching yoga once the registration/insurance is sorted, there is the whole other side of currently being in the middle of a viral pandemic. Whilst things appear to be slowly improving (in the UK, July 2020), there is a new norm morphing around us & many other health & safety factors to consider. Sticking to virtual methods, whilst not ideal, feels like the safest & easiest way forward for the time being, although would love to be able to practice more in an outdoor setting.

Where to begin has been cycling in my head for the last week or so. I have ongoing ashtanga teacher training that will provide valuable additional knowledge & would like to simultaneously build on current MVP training & begin the more practical experience of guiding classes.

To date, I have a 9am cover class lined up for Saturday 1st August (super excited & very grateful to Diana Brook), have started recording more YouTube videos with a short beach yoga & a 1hr karma yoga (featuring some ashtanga primary series asanas) & I am linking with some other yogis I’ve met through MVP about virtual options.

Nothing set in stone & going with the flow of what presents in the Universe. Staying present (as much as possible) & enjoying being in this human experience & very grateful to be on this path. What is to be is to be!

With love & light x


Published by Crystalcoreyoga

I am a mother, sister, daughter & yogi who began a journey into teaching yoga later in life. Formerly a scientist & educator & hoping to encourage a practice of mindfulness to share with others.

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